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Ensemble Thinking at the Flow Festival
with Nina Martin
July 4-11, 2024
Warsaw, Poland

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Rewiring the Ensemble
with Nina Martin,  Andrew Wass & Kelly Dalrymple-Wass
July 13, 2024

Berlin, Germany

The workshop will start with Re:Wire to settle into ourselves, finding all the nooks and crannies of possibility. With great intentionality we will oscillate between low and high levels of ambition. Riding the waves of movement, we will observe these movements as we create them, allowing them to unfold as the moment desires. Transitioning outwards we will explore and experiment with the balance between solo desire and ensemble ambition; between solo ambition and ensemble desire.


Some guiding questions:
How can the ensemble support the solo dance, providing structures to extend what an individual can do?
How can the solo inspire and animate the ensemble and vice versa?
How can the solo be an ensemble?
How can the ensemble be a single unit?


This workshop is for people interested in improvising, composing in the moment, real-time composition, instant choreography, etc. There will be floorwork, possibly contact with other people, and observation of each other's dancing.


register by emailing Andrew Wass:
you will receive bank details to wire money to save your spot.

Doors open at 11. We begin promptly at 11:15.

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ReWire Movement States & Ensemble Thinking Performance Lab
with Nina Martin
July 17-21, 2024 (FULL)

Östra Nyrup, Höör, Sweden

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Dance Ranch Marfa - CANCELLED

August 12 - August 16, 2024

facilitated by Nina Martin, Andrew Wass, Kelly Dalrymple-Wass


with Margaret Sunghe Paek and others

The annual Great Lakes Area Contact Improvisation Enthusiasts Retreat

October 4-9 2024

The Christine Center in Willard, Wisconsin

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Moving Queries 2025

With Lower Left and SetGo

Practice, Pedagogy, and Performance in Ensemble Thinking and Contact Improvisation.

Stay tuned for location and dates

More information on Moving Queries 2023

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