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July 1st- 4th, 2019

travel days – June 30th & July 5th




DANCE RANCH ATLANTA is a rigorous investigation of the relationship between the self and the group in an art-making context. The workshop is intended to provide dedicated spaces for collective/individual learning and exploration. We use this time in Atlanta to work, investigate, and collectively widen compositional, sensorial, and performance skills. 


Using Ensemble Thinking, ReWire Movement Method, and Contact Improvisation as points of departure, we will investigate the intra-relationships of the solo body, the weighted body and the ensemble.


Lower Left Performance Collective is known for collaboratively working across multiple time zones, multiple genres and media. In current times, we find much importance in fostering our cooperative and individual powers for self-determination.


This year’s facilitators in Atlanta: Lower Left Members Andrew Wass and Leslie Scates


Lower Left is a program of Marfa Live Arts.





DANCE RANCH ATLANTA will be Core Dance's 1st PLOT of DIG. (each PLOT is 4 days, 10am-5pm with a one hour lunch break)


Where: Core Studios, 133 Sycamore St, Decatur, GA 30030


Why: DIG, personal and collective movement research, is Core Dance’s summer intensive for professional dance artists. Intended to provide a space for group-minded and individual learning and exploration, artists will investigate the art-making process, tune their creative voice, gain tools in technique, methodologies for movement invention and composition and performance studies. Led by art-makers from around the world, participants will experience a rigorous investigation of the body in space and the connection towards one another while expanding their artistic and movement research practices.




$250 per PLOT


To register:



Travel and Housing to be arranged by you.




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