in Berlin

Lower Left will teach at Tanzfabrik this summer

July 17-July 21, 2017


Re:Wire into Contact Improvisation 10-12:30

Accessing the body’s deep intelligence, we learn to intuit the body’s desires while developing a facile brain, releasing us from habitual patterns. We will work consciously along a continuum that encompasses a kinetic body state and neuro brain state. The kinetic enhances our emergent desires for movement and the neuro allows us to dance the brain and bypass the “Mind”. By mixing the kinetic and neuro states with Contact Improvisation, we will achieve clarity, speed, and precision allowing us to intentionally operate between flow and suspension


Ensemble Thinking 14-17

Ensemble Thinking (ET) is a system of collaborative compositional practices. These practices refine the individual’s ability to perceive, initiate, and support collective action. Ensemble Thinking offers dynamic compositional tools for creating dances in groups as well as for your solo and contact improvisations by breaking habitual patterns and opening opportunities for expression. ET’s conceptual nature allows for equality of access regardless of background, aesthetics, or physical capabilities.